Friday, July 4, 2014

I've seen beauty in the dark of night, and many horrors in the light of day.

They told me to fear the dark
where monsters and evil tend to lurk.
I fear nothing but the evil within the human heart.

For I have seen more evil in the light of day,
than in the dark as they always say.
Even the "caring" turn their heads and look away.

They close their eyes against the sights
of children crying, cowering in fright.
Is this not a cause for which they will fight?

They plug headphones in their ears
to block out the sound of their tears.
The call for justice reaps no volunteers.

They sit at home on their TV's
watching as the whole world bleeds.
When did we become humans without humanity?

I try to believe goodness still exists,
yet when oppression occurs but a few resist
and when the helpless cry out no one assists.

There are some who remain steadfast and strive,
for they know justice can't truly be alive
while most still struggle just to survive.

Nothing seems to stir their hearts.
They sit back while the helpless wait for uprising to start.
Yet they still tell me I should fear the dark.
They still tell me I should fear the dark.

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