Sunday, January 11, 2015

Angels in the snow

A blanket settles
pure and white
and brings along
the sharpest bite.

Colors the world
a beautiful hue
but colors the tips
of my fingers blue.

Joyous cries welcome
fresh fallen snow.
A friend to many
but to me: a deadly foe.

Trying to remember
how happiness felt
The ground is all but frozen,
my hope begins to melt.

Threadbare blanket
between us two,
so cold I’m afraid
to even move.

Sheets of snow
cover over us
it feels like death;
it looks like dust.

Nothing left to do
but weep
tears form icicles
on my cheeks.

Howling winds
muffle my pleas.
A hostage in my home,
with no place to flee.

No snow angels
to be made.
Only true angels
desperate for aid.

A beautiful marvel
which inflicts so much pain
ventures out to search for
another life to claim.

Greeting frost
as an old friend,
I pray I'll soon feel
warmth again.


  1. sho had i can't hide my name :p
    The poem is soooo beautiful lilli
    6ab3aan i had to translate some words :3
    I liked it soooooooooo much ,,, write me a poem :p

    1. Jazak Allahu khair my friend, in sha Allah a poem for you is coming very soon...... :D