Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What is a Miracle?

What is a miracle?
A miracle is life.
A miracle is a loving glance
between a husband and a wife.

A miracle is a book so great
it could only be the work of ONE
and if they attempted to make similar
the whole world could produce none.

A miracle is a book 
which is the turner of hearts
a book with unmatched beauty 
from the ending to the start.

A miracle is a book that can
bring grown men to tears
A book which, if followed properly
will wipe away all your fears.

Nowadays the words of the Quran
serve only to decorate our walls
But if we look inside our hearts
We find no lines at all.

I think we fail to appreciate 
the blessing of these times
because all we seem to hear
is me, myself, and I.

Have we forgotten how the Prophet strived?
How much he fought and suffered?
He, who had much less than us
who grew up without a mother.

We have freedom that is still denied
In Burma and in France,
Where discrimination is LEGAL
but the niqab is BANNED.

A miracle is a man
who cannot read or write
but when the message came to him
he told the world "RECITE".

Miracles are not fairy-tales
they are completely real
and everyone would believe
if they opened their hearts to feel.

So if you don't believe in miracles
I say that's your choice
but I will not be denied my right to speak
I won't be denied my voice.

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